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* Neufeld Legal P.C.'s complex commercial litigation practice is highly selective in the cases that it undertakes, given the demands on present legal matters and long-term clientele, combined with our litigation practice being focused exclusively upon those matters that we believe our legal skills and experience have the ability to provide the legal representation that would effectively advance our client's legal case.

As such, our litigation practice tends to be restricted to international business disputes transpiring in Canada, internal corporate matters, and disputes related to the acquisition/sale of a business. Our work in those areas also includes work in commercial arbitration matters pertaining to the above-referenced matters.




Arbitration is both a powerful alternative to trial litigation, as it is a strategic complement to the litigation process (in conjunction with other forms of alternative dispute resolution). For whenever there is a legitimate dispute that appears incapable of resolution between the disputing parties, arbitration is a highly effective form of alternative dispute resolution that has similarities to the the trial process, yet has substantial efficiencies that are preferable to the archaic court system.

As such, when arbitration may prove capable of resolving a particular dispute and all the parties are agreeable to said forum, arbitration can be extremely effective in achieving a timely and cost-efficient resolution to the dispute. At Neufeld Legal P.C., we recognize the importance to securing the optimal resolution of each business dispute, and where possible avoiding the necessity of resorting to trial litigation, i.e. through the use of commercial arbitration.

For specialized legal counsel for particular dispute resolution through commercial arbitration, contact the law firm of Neufeld Legal P.C. at or 403-400-4092 (for Calgary and Alberta) / 416-887-9702 (for Toronto and Ontario).




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